Say Yes to N.O.P.E.

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I’m happy to share that I have a new shirt and hoodie up for sale at TeeFury. N.O.P.E. – inspired by the classic 1980’s D.A.R.E. slogan – is perfect for those days when you just can’t deal. And let’s be honest – we’ve ALL had those day. So whether your watching Netflix or just watching […]

Creating Waves in the Post-Truth Era: A Call to Action for Creative Professionals

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If you’ve paid any attention to the news lately, it’s clear that we’re neck deep in the post-truth era. Post-truth area? Say what? Ralph Keyes spells it out in his 2004 book  The Post-Truth Era: Dishonesty and Deception in Contemporary Life: Lying has become, essentially, a no-fault transgression. “That’s okay,” we say of those who […]

Lunchboxbrain’s 2016 Year in Review

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Dear Brainiacs- 2016 marked the 10th year of this creative experiment known as lunchboxbrain. Much to my surprise, this year delivered a lot of firsts for me. I was printed on Cotton Bureau Red, White & Blue combines my affinity of typography and all things Americana. The good folks at Cotton Bureau were kind enough […]

Don’t Be Scared…Pop Ghosties Are Here!

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I love Halloween. It’s spooky. It’s candy-coated. It’s just fun. To celebrate the joys of Halloween, I’ve taken some of pop culture’s favorite characters and ghostified them. Feel free to share these bootiful creations on FaceBOOk, InstAAHHHgram and your other favorite sOOHHHcial media channels. Happy haunting- LBB

Kicking Off a New LBB Design at Cotton Bureau

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Calling all football fans: I’ve designed the perfect shirt for your Sunday football watching. Thank God for Sundays is my latest design for Cotton Bureau – a rad Pittsburgh-based company. Cotton Bureau did an amazing job printing my Red, White & Blue tee and I have every confidence that they’ll do the same this time […]

New LBB Tee on Cotton Bureau: Red, White & Blue

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I’m excited to announce that I’ve taken the dive into the wonderful world of Cotton Bureau with a brand new design called Red, White & Blue. Cotton Bureau is not your average t-shirt company. Here’s how they operate: 1: This design will be live on Cotton Bureau’s site for a two-week pre-order period. 2: If […]

Feel The Love With This Free LBB Valentine’s Day Card

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It’s Valentine’s Day weekend. You’ve been super busy and haven’t had a chance to grab a card for that special someone. Not to worry! Here’s a free Valentine’s Day card (PDF format) that will give your sweetheart that warm and fuzzy feeling that only Bea Arthur can deliver.

2015: The Force Is Like “Woah, that flew by, didn’t it?”

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There is simply no emoji that can adequately capture the awesomeness of 2015. Thanks, as always, to all you lunchboxbrainiacs for your love and support. All of your thumbs up, hearts, retweets and kind words made 2015 a banner year. In celebration of the past year’s good times, here are a few of my favorite happenings: Create […]

The Lunchboxbrain Artist Shop at Threadless is Now Open!

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I’m excited to announce the launch of my Artist Shop at Threadless. This collection features nine new awesome designs that you can buy on tees (men’s and women’s), prints (poster and canvas!) as well as phone cases for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note 4. Threadless really jump-started my t-shirt […]

Freebie Friday – Abstract Desktop Background

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Hey Brainiacs! Freebie Friday is back and this week’s offering is a cool abstract desktop background. The zip file contains several resolutions. Check out the mockup below to see what it would look like on your device.