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lunchboxbrain 2013 year in review
2013 was a BIG year here at lunchboxbrain.com. I relaunched the website, opened my Society6 and Creative Market shops, designed a slew of awesome NFPLA and NHLPA  type tees for 500Level and I had one of my designs selected for the Threadless Spring/Summer 2014 wholesale line. Holy shirts, Batman!

Here’s a quick look back at some of the biggest lunchboxbrain hits of 2013:

Most viewed blog post: http://www.lunchboxbrain.com/freebies/free-lbb-download-vintage-alphabet-set-1/

Personal favorite design (printed): O’Rly

Personal favorite design (unprinted): Rise Grind Repeat

Best selling Creative Market item: Tuff Textures Vol. 2

Best selling Society6 item: Beards Are Awesome tee

Top scoring Threadless design: Oscar’s Trash Shack

I’m really grateful for all of the support I’ve received over the past year. Feedback via Twitter and Facebook has been tremendous and it really motivates me to keep making awesome things.

Which brings us to 2014.

Over the past few months, I’ve been thinking about what I’d like to do in 2014. How can I expand the lunchboxbrain empire into new arenas and still keep everything simply awesome?

Here’s a teaser of where things are headed in 2014: Sensor Feet, Futons, Ebb Trios and much more.

Got it? Cool. LET’S DO THIS THING, 2014!!!