Feel The Love With This Free LBB Valentine’s Day Card

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It’s Valentine’s Day weekend. You’ve been super busy and haven’t had a chance to grab a card for that special someone. Not to worry! Here’s a free Valentine’s Day card (PDF format) that will give your sweetheart that warm and fuzzy feeling that only Bea Arthur can deliver.

Freebie Friday – Abstract Desktop Background

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Hey Brainiacs! Freebie Friday is back and this week’s offering is a cool abstract desktop background. The zip file contains several resolutions. Check out the mockup below to see what it would look like on your device.

Freebie Friday – Spring-tastic 11×17 Hi-Res Texture

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I can think of no better way to celebrate the second annual Create Upstate conference than rebooting my Freebie Friday series. I know all you design nerds LOVE beautiful hi-res textures so here’s a brand new 11″ x 17″ layered texture background (.psd format) for you to use in your next project. Enjoy!

Freebie Friday – Subtle Summer Grunge Poster

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With summer in full swing, I thought it would be fun to offer up a fun Freebie Friday. This week’s Friday Freebie is layered, hi-res summer grunge poster background. Colors are easily changeable to match your next poster project. Check out the sample below and download the file. If you dig this week’s Friday Freebie, please […]

Freebie Friday – Vintage Light Ray Vector

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Welcome back to another edition of Freebie Friday. This week’s free design resource is a custom-made, vintage-style light ray vector. If you’re looking to add some depth to your illustrations, this light ray vector will do the trick! Check out the samples below (yes, that IS Bea Arthur) and download the .ai file. If you’re […]

Freebie Friday – Hi-Res Sky Photo

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Fact: Freebie Friday ran off the wheels weeks ago. For this, I claim full responsibility. Fact: Freebie Friday is back (hopefully for good this time…maybe)! This week’s free design resource is a hi-res photo of partly cloudy sky. This original photograph was shot right here in beautiful Upstate New York. If you like this photo, […]

Freebie Friday – Triple Texture Pack

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Like extras from The Walking Dead, Freebie Friday has risen from the dead. Sorry for missing the last few weeks. To make it up to you, check out this week’s free design download – three free textures. If you’re looking for even more awesome textures, check out Dirty 30 Vol. 1 available exclusively at my […]

Freebie Friday – 15 Custom-Made Illustrator Brushes

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Welcome back to another awesome installment of Freebie Friday! This week’s free design resource is a set of 15 custom-made brushes for Adobe  Illustrator. This brush set is awesome for creating an organic, hand drawn look to your vector designs. I used a few of these brushes to create my latest Threadless submission, What The Chuck. Download […]

Freebie Friday – Funktone #2

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TGIF, everyone! Welcome back to another installment of Freebie Friday. I received some positive feedback regarding the release of Funktone #1 and today, I’m excited to share Funktone #2. If you’re not sure how to set an MP3 as your ringtone, get the lowdown here. Keep your ringtone fresh and download Funktone #2 today!

Freebie Friday – Rugged Vector Border

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TGIFF! Sorry I missed last week’s installment of Freebie Friday but I think you’ll enjoy this week’s free design resource. This rugged border (available in .ai vector format) is perfect for adding a rough half-inch edge around an 11″ x 17″ art print. If you work in Photoshop, you could easily convert this to a […]